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practice expectations


  1. All athletes are expected to attend every scheduled practice. Only an illness serious enough to keep the athlete home from school, or a family emergency is a legitimate excuse for missing a practice. But, regardless of the reason, if an athlete misses an excessive number of practices, her playing time may be affected. Playing time will be determined by Ability, Attitude and Attendance.

  2. IF AN ATHLETE CANNOT BE AT PRACTICE, SHE MUST CONTACT THE COACH. It is the athlete’s responsibility (not the guardians) to reach the coach BEFORE practice starts. A player who does not communicate with their coach about a missed practice, or who misses a practice for an unacceptable reason (see Rule #1), will sit out at least the first match of the next competition event she attends. The athlete must contact the coach directly at his/her home or work number or email address.

  3. An injured athlete who can attend school is expected to attend practice, even if she cannot physically participate in practice. She needs to be there to support her team and be available to help where she can.

  4. Scheduled practice time is a start time. Athletes should arrive early, not less than 15 minutes before start time to get dressed and help set up nets. The athlete must be dressed and completely ready for practice by start time.

  5. If an athlete is late arriving for practice, she must change into her practice gear, report to her coach and explain why she is late. The coach, in his/her discretion, will determine if any corrective action needs to be taken.

  6. Athletes are encouraged to bring water, in an unbreakable container, to practice and tournaments. Absolutely no glass containers are allowed. Clean up all bottles, etc… after you are done with practice.


  8. Athletes need to have volleyball shoes, which are carried to practice and worn only for practice. This is to assure that the courts remain clean.

  9. Horseplay or ball handling in the lobby of practice or competition area is not allowed.

  10. Inappropriate language or violent behavior directed towards any club member is violation of the Rules of VooDoo VBKC. A coach has the right to dismiss any player from practice for this behavior. A letter will follow the practice dismissal describing the events that led up to the dismissal.

  11. Specialty clinics will be held throughout the season at no additional cost. The purpose of these clinics will be to focus on a particular skill or position. Participation in these clinics may be mandatory at the request of your coach.

  12. All athletes are required to wear VooDoo VBKC apparel to practice. If your team has more than one color shirt, make sure that everyone knows which color to wear on which practice days. Each team is required to wear the same practice t-shirt at practice.

  13. Guardians may attend practices but must remain in the stands and refrain from trying to communicate with your player.

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tournament expectations


  1. Teams will arrive at the playing site at least 30 minutes prior to their first match for refereeing and one hour for playing the first match.

  2. All players are required to wear VooDoo VBKC issued equipment while at tournaments and any other club function not including practices.

  3. Proper demeanor is expected of all members of the Club (athletes, coaches, guardians and supporters) at all tournaments. This includes treating members of the officiating crew and opposing team with respect.

  4. All athletes are expected to attend every tournament. If any athlete cannot be a tournament, they must inform the coach as soon as they know they will be absent.


  5. Athletes may not leave a tournament site early.


  6. When team travels, all athletes will lodge with their respective teams.


  7. When traveling, athletes may not leave the hotel area at any time without permission from their coach or chaperone.


  8. When traveling, an athlete who damages any property at lodging or playing facility will be personally responsible for damages.


  9. When traveling, any athlete found in possession of alcohol, tobacco or illegal drugs will be sent home immediately at the expense of the guardian.



guardian expectations


  1. Guardians should refrain from any unsportsmanlike conduct that could embarrass the club or penalize a team.

  2. Guardians are asked to refrain from coaching or otherwise distracting any player on the team including the coaching staff.

  3. Guardians shall not survey other guardians about coaching decisions.

  4. Guardians will not be permitted to discuss coaching philosophies with the coaches at a tournament. If a guardians is upset about something with a team, he/she will abide by the “24 Hour Rule” and wait 24 hours before discussing the matter with the coach.

  5. Every VooDoo VBKC team shall have a team manager. This manager will make sure the coach has everything needed from the team’s guardians. This manager will be in charge of making sure each team member has a list of everyone’s contact information.

  6. All fees must be paid on the predetermined dates or that player will be unable to attend practices or tournaments until the fees are paid.

Steps to Address Coaching Concerns​
  1. Please give the coach at least 24 hours after a tournament or practice before addressing a concern with the coach.

  2. Player must speak with the coach first, regarding the concerns. This helps the player become comfortable discussing uncomfortable issues with the coach.

  3. Guardians may arrange a meeting with the coach if the issue remains.


  4. Guardians may finally meet with the coach and one of the Club Directors. Hopefully, the issue can be resolved before it escalates to this level. If it can’t, all parties will need to determine what is best for the entire team regarding the player’s continued participation.

    July 13th       $10
Ages 11's & 12's      9:00-10:30 AM
Age 13's & 14's      10:30-12:00 PM
Age  15's               12:30-2:00 PM
Age 16's                 2:30-4:00 PM
Select and Premier for all ages


10 Player Rosters

More Playing Time

Equivalent of 10 Tournaments

Positive Attitude

Advanced Coaching

Team Players

Season November - Mid April


Game Jersey (1 SELECT, 2 PREMIER)

2 Practice Shirts

1 Pair Game Shorts

1 Warm-up

1 Bag

Lifetime of Memories

4 Hours of Practice Weekly (Select)
6 Hours of Practice (Premier)


Tryouts $10.00

11 Select $1600

12 Select $1600

13 Select $2200

14 Select $2200

15 Select $2200

All Ages Premier $2700


Welcome to VooDoo Volleyball! We can’t wait to see all the talent you could bring to our family. We plan on teaching and/or solidifying some aspects of volleyball as well as recruiting amazing players that will pave the way for our club.


I understand that volleyball can lead to injury or even death, regardless of how carefully it is coached or played. I confirm the athlete is healthy, physically fit and not subject to any medical advice to restrict activities. By signing below, I acknowledge that trying out for and participating in VooDoo Volleyball KC is entirely voluntary, and I assume all risks associated. I agree that I will not hold anyone associated with VooDoo Volleyball KC responsible for any accidents or injuries that might occur while the athlete is involved with any club activities, including practice, games, scrimmages and tournaments. I also consent to the use of the athlete's picture on the club website and in social media pages dedicated to promoting youth volleyball.

Thanks for submitting!





Beginning on September 1st, in order to attend any VooDoo Volleyball event, all participants must have a current registration with the Heart of America Regional Office (HOA) in order to be covered by the Region's insurance coverage, hire referees, cover facility costs etc....


  • If you registered the previous year, your registration is still in effect until October 31st.

  • If you register with HOA and decide not to join a club, the Region will refund your money.

  • You may buy a Summer Registration for all summer activities which will not be refundable.


Any questions, contact the HOA office at 913.233.0445 or email them at

HOA Registration Process
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